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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often misunderstood. For help, please see: www.meassociation.org.uk

The British Dyslexia Association has a wealth of information on their website


If you are unhappy with your school’s attitude towards your child with ME/CFS, please see www.spccf.co.uk

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Children of all abilities should have the chance to reach their potential

Very bright children can sometimes be forgotten in a classroom  where the teacher has to teach to a set curriculum.

       Some children who find certain subjects difficult can often excel beyond expectations with individualised help. This will lead to       confidence and self-belief in their own ability to learn

       Children who have fallen behind will enjoy working, when their work is set at a level appropriate to their individual needs and help is        available on a one-to-one basis

       Sometimes children find it hard to concentrate in a noisy classroom and need a calmer environment to learn in

The objective is not just for the pupils to reach their learning goals ‘here and now’, but to give them confidence in their own learning abilities and a chance to be successful at all levels of study in the future

Educational games help children learn whilst also providing entertainment

Educational games not only give the children added skills in their chosen subjects e.g. maths, comprehension or  spelling but also a variety of other skills.

       Whatever level played, children must use their imagination, they have to improve/develop their perception, judgement and reasoning as       they  need to use strategies, plan their next move, make decisions and use logic to win the game

       Even young children can benefit by playing computer games as it teaches them the basic skills such as using a mouse, how to navigate        around the screen, dragging, clicking and double clicking

       Playing educational games can improve children’s self-esteem as they master new skills and progress to the next level