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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often misunderstood. For help, please see: www.meassociation.org.uk

The British Dyslexia Association has a wealth of information on their website


If you are unhappy with your school’s attitude towards your child with ME/CFS, please see www.spccf.co.uk

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Special educational needs

Writing with left hand

The reluctant reader

Choosing books

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The importance of handwriting

The Institute of Education has found that children who are not taught handwriting properly struggle because they focus too much on how they write and not on what they write. These pupils can loose out on vital marks in tests or exams if their handwriting is illegible to teachers or examiners.

All small letters start at the top. -  b c m s

All the down strokes are parallel. m h n d f t

All similar letters are the same height. - r o n c e u    l h b k d

All down strokes are equidistant. -  Minimum

The space between words is the width of a lower case ‘o’. - Youoandome    

Lines of writing should be far enough apart so that strokes that ascend or descend do not touch.                     

Letters which finish at the top join horizontally. – o r v w                 

Letters which finish at the bottom join diagonally. – c d e h l                

Letters which finish on a stroke moving left are not joined. – b g j p s y

b e c d o s r w y p